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Exotic Animal Owners

Jason was the first ever to own a DWA venomous animals license privately in Cornwall. You can keep venomous in a shop if you have a licence but not privately, it was hard to obtain and Jason spent time doing various courses.


Jason is also the chairman of the Largest Private Exotic Pet keeping group in Cornwall, he has had exotic animals for 8 years and has had venomous licence for 2 years. His favourite animals to keep are the carpet pythons, the Gila monster are also another one of his favourites but are one of three venomous lizards are another one of his favourites but he rarely sees them as they hide away under a heated rock unless shown food.


What’s the hardest animal to look after?


“Most challenging would be leopard gecko as they're abit boring but hard to maintain for what they are and they only come out at night, but would be the perfect pet for someone who works in the day and comes home in the night”.

Hyde County venomous Snake (sistrurus miliarius miliarius) because of the colour red faze, was the only one in the country, normally a grey colour. Feeding using 3ft long tongues and £350 gloves that can withstand bites. Jason has a level 3 in handling venomous snakes.

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